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Friday, July 22, 2005

First meet up for KuchingLUG

For the first time of KuchingLUG history the group just have their first and historical meet up. The meet up took place at Wisma Sugar Bun, Satok fly-over from 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm. This first meet up was attended by five (5) members, namely (as in the photo, from left to right) Chyr Ye Hong, Ng Boon Liang, Mohd. Imanuddin, Mohd. Ishamudin and Liew Yu Ping.

The meet up started with an informal "get to know you" session where we introduce ourselves and talk about our favorite Linux distro, comparing few different types of Linux, their features, etc. The next session was discussion about our LUG, what activities we can carry out and also the next meet up. Below are the points from the discussion:

i. Meet up (or meeting) should be on monthly-basis,
ii. To have presentation or demo suring the meet up,
iii. To have room (possible with LCD projector, whiteboard, etc) for the meet up,
iv. The meet up last session will be Q&A or open discussion, and
v. Next meet up will be on the second Saturday (13th) of August 2005.

The official report or minutes of meeting for the first KuchingLUG meeting


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