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Friday, August 12, 2005

KuchingLUG meet up #2

Today, the KuchingLUG have their Meet Up #2 at the same location, which is at Wisma Sugar Bun, Jalan Satok's fly-over. For this second Meet Up, only four (4) person turned up where two of us are from the Meet Up #1 (Chyr Ye Hong & Ng Boon Liang (that's me)), one existing member (Lau Kim Ping) and one new member (John).

I was at the place around 7.20pm and was waiting for the rest of the members to arrived. Around 7.30pm, Ping turned up and we "chit chat" for a while and I ordered fries and a cup of drink. Both Chyr and John only join us after 8.00pm and that remains until we go off at 9.00pm.

For this meet up, Chyr demonstrate his Fedora Core 3 (FC3) laptop to us and teach us some tricks in using Linux. While Chyr performing the demo, we also do some introduction on Linux to John as he is new to Linux, and also to the KuchingLUG. Before we end the meet up, I distributed the free Ubuntu Linux CD to each of them.


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